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The Tower of Babel: tongues’r’us

HOW MARVELLOUS the Interweb is. Google is not “evil” but it’s very “live”.

Magee is the 93rd most common name in Ireland, or so it is told.

Sometimes Google  it makes me wonder who I am. Am I Dr Mike Magee, who writes books about all sorts of stuff?  Am I the famous poker player? Am I the soccer player, born in Chicago 1984?  Am I MikeyMagee on Twitter? Am I tattoo artist Mike Magee? Have I translated Sanskrit books into English? Am I Adamson Rust? Am I Eva Glass? Am I Eva’s sister, Harta Glass? Am I C. Shanti? Am I Lokanath Maharaj?

Or am I none of the above?

It’s all very confusing. Who am I?

Am I a Lavengro or a Sapengro, pal?

Leaving gig beckons

PLENTY OF BEERS will be swilled this evening, I’ll be bound, as the joint Mageek and Veitchmeister gig kicks off.

It’s being held at the Blue Posts in Broadwick Street, a hostelry next to the Berwick Street market.

I’ll take my camera along in case there are any embarrassing or humiliating shots to be had. It kicks off at 6:30PM, if you fancy a jar or three. Hic! ♦