The 1,000 names of Dattātreya

Matsyendranāth being enchanted by yoginis, before being “rescued” by Gorakhnātha.

Facebook declined to allow me to post the 1,000 names of Dattāreya as it wasn’t compatible with its weird policies. So I will post a PDF here and link it to the UR-AMOOKOS web page.

dattatreya ψ

Oxford councillors a fail…

Mill Street benighted by building firms

Oxford street “like building site”

Kālī Magic has arrived

It’s been a long time in the making, but thanks to Phil Hine and his publishing outfit, Twisted Trunk, my book on devī Kālī has finally arrived.

You can get it from Amazon and it is also available in other countries too – and in India, soon enough.

Professor Mark Dyczkowski writes: “Mike Magee is a well-known name to lovers and practitioners of Tantra to whom he has offered for decades the essential, condensed contents of many Tantras of the medieval period. This book is a fruit of his maturity and vast experience. Containing reliable translations and many Kālī Vidyàs, it is a valuable manual for practitioners and an important source for scholars.”

His website is here.

I, Mike Magee, drink more tea than anyone else

Unlikely? We think so too.

Grizzled hack Mike Magee – that’s me –  appears to  have broken the world record for drinking tea.

In a shocking move, he is estimated to have drunk 128,000 cups of tea in 60 days.

According to Thames Water, my not so smart water meter clocked up the equivalent of 128,000 cups of tea or 437 showers or 400 baths in a 60 day period starting in February and running through March. Continue reading

The Everywhere Girl

Let’s never forget the Everywhere Girl. Jen Kind is still everywhere if you search for the name on Giggle.


Facebook bans me, shock

Shri Narharinathji and Mike Magee

I received a message from Facebook saying I was blocked from the site because a post violated its policies.  It didn’t say why I’d violated its policies.  Yes there is such a thing as Fee Speech. It’s called Defacebook. ♣

Śiva smokes too much

A fiend of mine alerted me to a 1974 film called Har Har Mahadev – the whole thing is on Youtube – in Hindi.  A part has English subtitles where Brahma and Vishnu  seem to be suggesting Mahadeva smokes too much opium :)   Here is the beloved Lata M singing about Shiva’s wedding to Parvati along with his lovely retinue.  Pot, surely.  ψ

Languages. Fonts. Sheesh

I have almost finished converting my website to use diacritics.  The Devanāgari alphabet using Sanskrit letters like क ल श अ आ and the rest is difficult although it is very logical.  So some scholars over the past 120 years or so devised a system to transliterate the 51 letters into Roman script.  Still, the original letters are very beautiful, I feel. I’ve managed to do this with the collaboration of a friend of mine. It’s not quite finished yet.   

Kenneth Grant’s letters to Mike Magee

Catalogue produced by Henrik Bogdan. He now has all the letters sent to me by Kenneth Grant, archived in his university.

Mike Magee collection of Kenneth Grant Correspondence__ Catalogue (1)