The Tower of Babel: tongues’r’us

HOW MARVELLOUS the Interweb is. Google is not “evil” but it’s very “live”.

Magee is the 93rd most common name in Ireland, or so it is told.

Sometimes Google  it makes me wonder who I am. Am I Dr Mike Magee, who writes books about all sorts of stuff?  Am I the famous poker player? Am I the soccer player, born in Chicago 1984?  Am I MikeyMagee on Twitter? Am I tattoo artist Mike Magee? Have I translated Sanskrit books into English? Am I Adamson Rust? Am I Eva Glass? Am I Eva’s sister, Harta Glass? Am I C. Shanti? Am I Lokanath Maharaj?

Or am I none of the above?

It’s all very confusing. Who am I?

Am I a Lavengro or a Sapengro, pal?

5 responses to “The Tower of Babel: tongues’r’us

  1. thomasxstewart

    Since Bangalore, Mike Magee IS DRASHEK. At Least Seems that Way. ALL of Above. Yet, Being Multi Bodied Multi Faceted Screen Personality, Mic Is Mike.

    DRASHEK Enhances Mike From direction of Wind Producing Function, NOT In Content.

    3RD Times’ Charmer.

    & Whom IS Drashek. TS.

  2. I am a Drashek. I am mike.magee@drashek.drashek

  3. I reckon 6, 7, 8, 9 and quite possibly 10, 11 & even 2 wouldn’t surprise me.

    But probably not Drashek. Even “Mad Mike” is not /that/ mad…

  4. thomasxstewart

    Eye Am A Drashek.

    in fact we Are Both yapping about family know little about, except theres So Many.

  5. Dam
    I’d say:

    Mike is like
    a busy beaver

    A better question is:

    What is the sort of
    dealing with
    creations and
    as patriarch and progenitor, who is like unto our Mageek?
    shorely and surly!

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