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The Intel Quiz: Now where was I?

I WAS IN JERUSALEM. It’s all coming back to me now. Not Jerusalem as in William Blake Jerusalem. Not Jerusalem as in Israel/Palestine. No.

Jerusalem in Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia. I arrived in a timely fashion only to find that because I was the only person from TG Daily there, I had to be formed into a team.

Luckily, Hill & Knowlton saw that I seemed to know the managing director of Intel UK – one Graham Palmer – and they shuffled me off to a table with five – or was it six – people that worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Last time this happened at an Intel Yule Quiz, there was me, Paul Hales and Martin Veitch and we came a very close second to the people from the Daily Mail – seemed to be dozens of them – a very competitive lot.

The good thing is all the BBC journalists are members of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). We didn’t win. I don’t think. They were a fun lot though. Where’s Jill Franklin when you need her.

Leaving gig beckons

PLENTY OF BEERS will be swilled this evening, I’ll be bound, as the joint Mageek and Veitchmeister gig kicks off.

It’s being held at the Blue Posts in Broadwick Street, a hostelry next to the Berwick Street market.

I’ll take my camera along in case there are any embarrassing or humiliating shots to be had. It kicks off at 6:30PM, if you fancy a jar or three. Hic! ♦