About Mad Mike

MIKE MAGEE was a founder of both the Rogister and the INQUIRER. Along the way, he has also edited and contributed to so many computer magazines that he’s lost count.

62 responses to “About Mad Mike

  1. Why did you leave the inq?


  2. madmikemagee

    Because I’m doing something else.


    • Hi Mike,

      The photo of you on the website is killer.

      You might remember me for suggesting that the big iron from that was offered from AS for zero dollars was worth pumping on the market.
      I was of course wrong, but you insisted on keeping the article alive because it was getting hits.

      This was about 5 months before your first stent.

      Anyway, glad to see you up and running. :)

      You are the George Carlin of bunny suits.

      Mucho regards,


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      • Rett Williams

        What I want to know is why the “mad bunny of the apocalypse” picture has not been provided to the wiki for their otherwise far too nice writeup of Magee.

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  3. Oh don’t be so elusive. what exactly are you doing apart from drinking and getting your picture on the inquirer !


  4. madmikemagee

    I’m not just drinking…


  5. What’s all this about a kilt and ‘your klan’? I think we should be told…

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  6. Every Klan has its Kilt Rana. But you’re not looking up mine. More for your benefit than for mine.
    Did you know a Pharaoh had a whole battalion of Kelts who did without Kilts and went into battle stark naked.
    Truly the pen is mightier than the sword.


  7. 1. will you ever tell us what your doing instead of Inq?
    2. when is this likely to be?

    best wishes


  8. Hi Kate

    1. Yes, I will
    2. Soon – short term soon.


  9. Once again
    Mikey strikee

    Best Regards


  10. I dunno, I’ve been following you around the net for way too long. From a newsletter to the Rog to the Ink now here!

    When will this wandering in the wilderness that is the web end!

    Great Scout Mageek! Where will I end up next?

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  11. So here you are!
    I was starting to get worried.


  12. Lorne Babcock Sr.

    Hey Mikey.

    That you will be missed at Inq., there is no doubt. I will miss our language discussions. Good luck in your new, old life.


  13. Dear Ed, er Mike,

    Hi. Are you doing okay? I hope so.




  14. Andrew Bruce Smith

    Mike – thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck, etc.

    Whatever happened to Mark Hamilton?



  15. I’d assume your going to start something beginning with ‘the’.

    Have a virtual drink on me. Your websites, your comments and your personal reply to emails sent have been enormous fun.

    The virtual drink is a Guinness, I hope thats ok.



  16. The best of luck with whatever you are planning to do!!


  17. the whole bidness of inquiring about some poor bloke’s infernal affairs… not sure why, but a tad bit disturbing i reckon


  18. hi madmike,

    good luck for your new blog and for whatever else you are up to.


  19. I do hope you will continue to write for CPU mag.
    Best wishes to you and thanks for the many informative and humorous articles!

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  20. So here you are. Seems you are having a good time. Enjoy & hope to hear from you soon.

    Cheers: Endrik


  21. Hi Mad Mike.

    I wish you well with Fuad et al.

    He needs some honest help with the spellchucker !!

    Charlie and Theo are over at TG Daily … and some of the THG diehards are unhappy bout that … screw em I say … Tory buggers. Plus that site is owned by NotBetstMedia now.

    The inq staff are infiltrating the major hardware sites … so I expect the attack on our language to be stepped up pronto !!

    All the best … and on a personal note thanks for always replying to our comments on the Inq site.

    Good hacks never neglect the humble masses !

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  22. Hi Mike old buddy!
    Glad I found you again! I’ve just put up a link to your “bog” in my website Links section.
    As for what you are doing — I don’t have to ask, I bet you are getting ready to start another news company but this time in Second Life :)


  23. Hey mike… What r u doing in India after you left the Inq?? Im thinking you are thinking of a software startup in Bangaluru… If that’s the case, then I’m ready to work for free, just for some stock options though!! :))


  24. Hi Mike,
    Remeber the days at Cyprus? The lil isle was all fun!
    I bet you are doing fine on your own now.

    I’ve linked you on my site’s front page. If you want some pics to remeber the old days, send me a wink.

    REG’s ;>

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  25. The SECOND best use of an empty whisky bottle…


  26. I wonder if you would be kind enough to consider becoming one of our ‘1001 bloggers’ at http://mencap.wordpress.com

    My apologies if I’ve asked you this before. Through the site we are hoping to link 1001 people who blog regularly and I picked up your blog through the ‘links’ tag on the wordpress homepage.

    Please take a look and consider joining. Let me know what you think.

    Do email me at david [at] theheads.co.uk if you would like to know more. If you can link to the site or forward this message to others I’d be very grateful.

    Kind regards

    david [at] theheads.co.uk


  27. As the old writer-in to you when there were problems on the INQ, I’d just like to say, even though you’re gone, you did a great job, and I salute you!


  28. I’ve been reading chipzilla.org for years but recently stopped. Someone needs to take that old dog out back and shoot it. Honestly its no better than the BBC anymore.
    However, your bog is informative, interesting, and most importantly delivers a good dose of humour. These days, the only two sites I visit for tech commentary are your blog and overclockers.com. Its a sad state of affairs as computers and other related tech lose there “wild west” appeal and become like any other appliance. I guess it makes sense that most tech sites will go down the drain but I guess its the end of an era. (Hey kinda like the olympics!)

    Sorry about the wall-o-text :p Have a good one and if possible I’d rather not have this published, I really only meant it for you to see but do as you will.


  29. Good luck on the ITExaminer, but I hope you don’t neglect the CPU wars in this new venture.


  30. Whats with the little :) in the upper-right hand corner?? :p

    btw the IT Examiner is looking pretty good, enjoying it so far. I like the change of pace and its nice to see quality come back into the picture again like the INQ & Register used to have a while back.


  31. Hi Mike,

    Just thought I would check in to see if you and the rest of the IE folks are alright, Reuters are publishing reports about a series of bomb blasts in Bangalore


  32. madmikemagee

    Hi Ged. Thanks for asking. We’re all OK. Bangalore was paralysed because of the bombs – mobile network totally decked, roads more crowded than usual.


  33. Everett Williams

    At least the mostly vegetarian diet in India should make your bypasses last a bit longer. Hopefully sonny boy should be about through with university by now, making your burdens less. Somehow dotage does not seem a term that can be successfully applied to you, so we will all watch these parts for the next escapade. You did great things at the “The’s”, but leadership gives a flavor to a spot that is difficult to reproduce. New management attracts new and different talent with different interests and approaches. I’m glad that you are posting some items on India itself and your experience of it, because most of us have only the faintest idea of it. I have many friends who have visited there and worked with many people from there, but most from there did not really want to talk about their background. It is such an old and intricate set of cultures that it is hard to grasp it even when one has lots of facts about it. Until I went looking for you this time, I was not aware of your background with things in India, though I noted that you had a fair number of writers from there. I’ll follow a little closer now. I’m glad that you are still in the business, as I believe that the field would be more than a bit poorer without you.


    • madmikemagee

      Bloody hell, dear Everett – I seem to have launched channelbiz.co.uk in the meantime. Is there any escape now I am in Old Taipei, yet again?


  34. thomasxstewart

    Heres link to mike magee MD, could be got Magee mixed up with M.D. People Think Have Right To Impose Evaluation Upon Others, Even When Very,Very Wrong.Mcgee Seems Buit of Sort. Lookie Looser.



  35. thomasxstewart

    Opps, Forgot Link, its’ Here: http://healthcommentary.org/public/blog/177931?archive=Monthly+.2009-03

    Signed:Needs Sleep.


  36. Good to see you’re still alive and kicking Mike! Looking forward to the next thing…


  37. All the best Mike! Looking forward to the next big thing…


  38. good to see your alive. was worried because instantnews hadn’t been updated for awhile.


  39. Crash Murdock

    Greetings Mike,

    Been enjoying your special blend of cutting edge tech news, humour, and satire since I discovered The Rogester years ago. Keep up the good work.

    Sad to say the Inquirer is in a slow death spiral since your departure. They’ve completely lost your original focus and more and more resemble an unprofessional super-opinionated amature tabloid blog.

    Hope you get back in the game with a another uniquely Mike Magee tech news site.

    Cheers, my friend!


  40. positivemarketingorg

    Mike, mike, mike
    What are you like?
    Ever an enigma, scornful of stigma
    Whatever it is you are doing, I am sure is is not rueing
    the stuff everyone else is

    You deeply mad git. Best Paul


  41. Hi Mike,

    I’m glad you’re still mad. Mogg forwarded on FB your article on the art exhibit. Thanks to both of you for sharing! Wishing you and the family all the best!

    Cliff in Cleveland


  42. Children creating language: How Nicaraguan sign language acquired a spatial grammar. ,


  43. thomasxstewart

    Hey-Just signed for every US Government FACEBOOK Zine & its about 500, in mailbox right now. Call that INFORMATION HIGHWAY.

    Well, Mike, If You don’t OWN My Words, how’m ginning to ‘member.



  44. positivemarketingorg


    Who let you back into the country? I thought you were discovering Yetis, now I find you in shires. I am coming to terms with it.


  45. thomasxstewart

    Those Gov’t Zines Taken to Fb really Improved Quality. Especially White House Live Sessions.

    Sylvia Barak Was Great Champ. In Several Days Be turning Off Fb Until Next Need. Am Quit surprised New York Times Didn’t Headline:

    Mike Magee Edits Again.

    Your troupe Of Loyalist are Very Smooth Now. Use Them Wisely. How About RED Flag For Most read article Each Day.


  46. Just read your tin-whisker story, Mike. Good job of bringing this plague into the spotlight.

    Here’s a further more detailed briefing on tin whiskers: http://www.tinwhisker.us



  47. Hey Mageek,

    Did you saw the InQuisitr website ?

    Did you allow them to plagiarize theINQuirer?

    Funny stuff !


  48. About your article in TechEye –
    Cambridge Wireless signs MOU with Ottowa

    Great article – but please correct your spelling of Ottawa (throughout)

    thanks so much,
    Jill McCubbin


  49. thomasxstewart

    Mike Magee is GOOD At Starting Zines. Like Reading ‘Em ALL. Mikes New Zine Started Late In Jan Seems Mello & Getting Better, As Writers Use TechEye For Sprig board.

    Yea, Naturist Mike.

    vondrashek md


  50. thomasxstewart

    “All your Drashek are belong to Paul Hales”


  51. Hi Mike, Would appreciate your guidance in how i could get myself published…Am right now writing to earn a living so find little time to write what I want…Want to write what i want, get published and paid too :). Please guide….
    Anand (friends call me tenali, they think I can answer anything)


  52. madmikemagee

    Email me – mike@ttecheye.net, Anand ji


  53. madmikemagee

    I meant mike@techeye.net, sorry


  54. Why don’t you write anymore about Kenneth Grant? You mentioned correspondence, etc. I’d appreciate that, very much.


    • madmikemagee

      Yeah, it’s still in hand. Putting up bookshelves and teasing it all out, sorry. Been a bit busy recently…


  55. Anything more about Kenneth Grant?


  56. Mike, good to see you are still kicking around, causing no end of trouble in the computer industry. A comment on your TechEye article on XP upgrading. Company that currently employs my meager talents decided to supply engineers with VMWare Workstation on our Win7 based lappys and let us make all the XP virtual machines we needed. That way we keep semi-current and yet can still run all our XP-based specialized applications that may or may not get upgraded by vendors at some point.

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  57. I miss you reading your articles. Are you writing any tech articles these days? Computer Power User is not the same since you left. Neither is the enquirer. Thank you.

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