Leaving gig beckons

PLENTY OF BEERS will be swilled this evening, I’ll be bound, as the joint Mageek and Veitchmeister gig kicks off.

It’s being held at the Blue Posts in Broadwick Street, a hostelry next to the Berwick Street market.

I’ll take my camera along in case there are any embarrassing or humiliating shots to be had. It kicks off at 6:30PM, if you fancy a jar or three. Hic! ♦

5 responses to “Leaving gig beckons

  1. Sorry to miss this one, boss ;)

    Greetings from the other side of the Pond… I’ll make exception today and drink a beer in your name…


  2. Just how many leaving gigs have you had so far? According to announcements, I count three. ;-)

    But you´re right, it´s never too late to celebrate!.

    Anyway, I´ll lift my yerba mate drink (aka “mud tea” by JohnO) at 4:00pm in your honour…


  3. Mike M. your little mickies, er you fellow electro word punters you have brought along; are quite the cloth. Getting it done within the relm of physics, keeping us honest, is a social bond. You are homeland’s man Mikie!
    Cheers mate

  4. Didn’t get much of a chance to chat to you Mike! In fact, “Hello”, “I’ll Speak to you Later” and “Goodbye” was about as far as it went. I’ve added your blog to my daily reading, so I’ll see what you’re up to ;)

  5. Seems that we’re sleeping in this morning…afternoon…evening.

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