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MY FORMER EDITOR@ tgdaily.com has started a new site with stacks of writers.

That lovely man Wolfgang Gruener has created the site. It’s called Single Parent Gossip, and it’s here.

I’m not sure about this Celtic blackberries thing – perhaps it’s because I’m from Pictland. Mostly we collected the brambles in Pictland around about August, near Dyce Airport.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is wrong, however. I am not a TG Daily reader, just a writer.

TG Daily goes live

OUR MAGAZINE is doing exciting things. It also works on Crackberries. It is here.  I refuse to be a Twitterati.

Sources at www.theinquirer.net tell me that the magazine I created is going to be a vehicle for the small and medium enterprise market. This is difficult for me to understand.

When VNU bought me, the INQ was a very viable magazine. A then publisher said to me: “Mike, we want to do this with the Inquirer. What do you think?”

I said heck, it’s like selling a house. I sold a house. You want to turn it into a brothel, how can I stop it?

Games addict creates rap about it all

A STORY in TG Daily has prompted a reformed “games addict” to compose a rap about his dreadful experience.

The rap by Journalrhymn is here, while you can find the original story here. Φ

Prisoner sues Intel for $5 billion

I’M PLEASED to see that my first online IT publication, The Register, is an avid reader of the IT Examiner. Heck! And TG Daily too.  As you can see by checking this Google link here.