Prisoner sues Intel for $5 billion

I’M PLEASED to see that my first online IT publication, The Register, is an avid reader of the IT Examiner. Heck! And TG Daily too.  As you can see by checking this Google link here.

3 responses to “Prisoner sues Intel for $5 billion

  1. kickin out fav chakras here..

    Dr livingstone i presume?

    there is a dearth of freakin reviews on anything substantive or new out there lots of krew mia in terms of mass availability. i think everyone is just holding their breath.
    keywords: next gen video cards (is not this constant?) ubuiquiti bullet2
    heir to ramdrive promise…lots of ssd movement and innovation the lone bright spot…maybe android2? neopwn looks like fun i’d like to see other gpl variations and maybe even faster device there too, though they seem to have it pretty broken down. I’d like to see some sort of leadership for whitespace devices to develop- maybe open sourced version of fon- the network would be ad hoc and free- give people who donate bw ad chits.
    and lastly- really want to see the gainestown or some sort of skulltrail 2 dev. o fusion i/o? they have to get lots cheaper and scale production- great idea.
    think atoms or cell processor in tvs is here. the ion looks great btw.
    over and out

  2. thomasxstewart

    Zonds. Thanks for Pointing out Lack of Certified Drashek Comments. Must Organize New Gang of writers. Lets See, Register Drashek , Examiner Drashek, well thats too hard, so just plain old Drashek, Everywhere. Signed: Mysterian.

  3. Yes. Well it was a lot more fun when they allowed the Prisoners their own colony, and Heck! Intel. What did Pat say?

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