BT: It’s a zombie firm

I JUST moved into a gaff (place) in Oxford and British Telecom (BT) decided to make my life a nightmare.

Rather than just reconnect me to the line here, BT decided to subject me to the most Byzantine nightmare possible.

When I ordered the BT broadband, the lass I spoke to said that she would need to send out an engineer at a cost of £125 plus pre-Gordon Broon VAT.

I explained to her that the line was already there, but she insisted no, ni, it was not. On commission?

Worse was to come, or rather not come. The “virtual engineer” never arrived, and the phone rang at 11:30 the morning the “man” or “woman” was to have arrived.

I had been connected! The same day, a “welcome pack” delivered by Parcel Force was to have arrived and didn’t.

How the hell does BT get away with this scam over and over again? Four days later the BT router arrived. By then I was already connected.

I spoke to several very nice BT people trying to get connected. I  think  a refund will be coming my way. It’s a scam. BT should be bashed about the head over and over again. BT Zombies. 


5 responses to “BT: It’s a zombie firm

  1. Ahh very nice sunset

  2. Ahh you know zombies can be a lot of fun, if you can get the right lighting.

  3. nice pic of the chaps. in china?! no doubt.
    thx for preemptive commiseration on hookup. tell me all that you know i will show you snow and rain isn’t that how the song goes? anyways I have to make jump to reality and get beyond my pan. i am content to rmain patient but it is in the works and pretty much locked. i need to thresh out details and focus- am having extended deep thought but focusing on action. my line?starting to like idea of dual core atoms. totally stoked about is running on openmoko and presumabley on g1 since that is running debian. i may try recompile, i will include source unlike those guys. it can be done…once you have image…well you get the picture. ok that is about it- weathering the winter here and brewing more coffee. ubiquiti bullet- looks good…next gen ssd….really need these with direct pci e connector!! are you kidding me? that is where things are going. need cheap fusion io or equiv. still waiting for any news on ep series release.

  4. The engineer seems to be a new requirement from BT. No matter the state of the line an engineer is now always required. Its called ripping off the customer and seems to have become their standard practice when people move in.

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