TG Daily goes live

OUR MAGAZINE is doing exciting things. It also works on Crackberries. It is here.  I refuse to be a Twitterati.

Sources at tell me that the magazine I created is going to be a vehicle for the small and medium enterprise market. This is difficult for me to understand.

When VNU bought me, the INQ was a very viable magazine. A then publisher said to me: “Mike, we want to do this with the Inquirer. What do you think?”

I said heck, it’s like selling a house. I sold a house. You want to turn it into a brothel, how can I stop it?

5 responses to “TG Daily goes live

  1. thomasxstewart

    Hi-Mike, New TG Daily IS Neat & Never Seen So Many Pundifications for Years. So Mike did want to Get Back On AIR. Wowie….

    Eager Readers
    Will Follow.

    Not So Much Myself, As Seems Gotten Out of Government web of: Publish or Perish. Still Love: theINQ & its comical Postings, Truely Work of Genius.

    Yet, stories are True Value to Most, thats TG Daily now. So As Ships Pass In Night, Load UP Bellous belch, Heard round China: Magee or MD, Mk or MKro,TV: its soft & gushie LifeStyle.


    BTW: Mk did know 47% of ALL IT Texhs have VD?

  2. Well, now we get to watch the Inq sinq. Despite the brilliance involved at the sharp end of the spear the bean counters insist in steering a course for an iceberg.
    It seems to me that the ejournalistic Spawn of McGeek should include Fudzilla, Charlie’s new place, the original Inq and that other plaice. Quite a legacy.
    I love the TG site as well as Charlies and Fudo’s places.
    best of luck

  3. Mike Magee
    Nick Booth
    Nick Farell *
    Andrew Thomas
    Sylvie Barak *
    Stewart Meagher

    Oh. sorry. still remembering camelot.

  4. Yes of course! I like Charlie and Fudo too!
    And Nebojsa Novako (oh I always need to look it up.) Goodness! everyone. Just not regurgitated spoon-fed PR bunny.
    Farrell, Charlie, Booth and Sylvie have really made me cackle.

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