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Oxfordshire County Council: Paint this pole!

See this pole outside my little house in Mill Street? In the last four days it’s been adorned with this garish yellow sign.

I’ve asked counciller Susanna Pressel – she’s a Labour councillor for both Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council – if perhaps the rusty pole couldn’t be painted or replaced.

She answered that there isn’t enough money to paint the pole. I’d paint it myself, but bugger that for a game of soldiers, I’d probably get prosecuted for vandalism or something.

I don’t drive. The pole is there to warn people that they’ll get nicked if they don’t have a valid permit to park.  Paint it! It’s a site  for sore eyes, an eyesore. 

North Parade, Oxford gets an uplift

I ATTENDED a talk from Oxford Council and Oxfordshire County Council tonight about the future of an obscure street in North Oxford which should be a jewel in Oxford’s so-called “crown”.

It was something of a revelation. No, not a revolution.  Oxford Council looks after roads between the Banbury Road and Woodstock Road. Or is it Oxfordshire County Council that does that?

Anyroad, the two councils  have found some money to refurbish North Parade which will take three weeks.

All are agreed North Parade is an oasis in North Oxford, even the far too many councillors there seem to be up this way.

The politicians agreed to a grand opening because they discovered a surplus they never knew they had. The politicians also agreed to the documentary “what I am making”. I met the local cops too. They were cool, sometimes more interested in parking regulations than village life.

They will get a celebrity to open the new road, it appears from the conversation.  The rates must be very very high. I know they are, where I am living. I believe they might manage, on North Parade, to invoke Petula Clark.  Hope she made herself up for a beer at the Rose+Crown.  ♥