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Oxfordshire County Council: Paint this pole!

See this pole outside my little house in Mill Street? In the last four days it’s been adorned with this garish yellow sign.

I’ve asked counciller Susanna Pressel – she’s a Labour councillor for both Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council – if perhaps the rusty pole couldn’t be painted or replaced.

She answered that there isn’t enough money to paint the pole. I’d paint it myself, but bugger that for a game of soldiers, I’d probably get prosecuted for vandalism or something.

I don’t drive. The pole is there to warn people that they’ll get nicked if they don’t have a valid permit to park.  Paint it! It’s a site  for sore eyes, an eyesore. 

Old traffic meets new in Karnataka

AH FOR THE OPEN road. Pictured here first is a Bangalore street in Koramangala, showing that the going isn’t easy at 10AM in the morning.

A few minutes later, the nearside lane will resemble the farside lane. Ah what joy!

Then below this there is an old method of transportation when Shiva goes for an outing at the Agastya temple not far from Mysore.

This chariot is at the Agasthyeshvara Temple in Tirumakudlu Narasipura, where the three rivers, the Kauveri, the Kabini and the legendary Spharitika Sarovara unite.  ♥