Oxfordshire County Council: Paint this pole!

See this pole outside my little house in Mill Street? In the last four days it’s been adorned with this garish yellow sign.

I’ve asked counciller Susanna Pressel – she’s a Labour councillor for both Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council – if perhaps the rusty pole couldn’t be painted or replaced.

She answered that there isn’t enough money to paint the pole. I’d paint it myself, but bugger that for a game of soldiers, I’d probably get prosecuted for vandalism or something.

I don’t drive. The pole is there to warn people that they’ll get nicked if they don’t have a valid permit to park.  Paint it! It’s a site  for sore eyes, an eyesore. 

6 responses to “Oxfordshire County Council: Paint this pole!

  1. No money yet 450K on “world class” toilets?

  2. thomasxstewart

    reuse as odd three pointed colonial cap be useful….


  3. How close is it to your wall? You don’t suppose that you could chase some ivy up there and see if anyone salutes?

    What is on the opposite facing sign at the top?




  4. Paint offensive Graffiti on the pole, then contact:

  5. I realise Mike would never paint offensive Graffiti on the pole, in order to get it painted. Mike, perhaps you could persuade English Ivy to grow over your wall and onto the pole and prune back at the first sign of unruly growth. Once the redundant sign is overgrown, explain that you simply have no idea how the ivy came to be there. Perhaps the removal of the ivy could precipitate the need for painting the pole.

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