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Oxford publican complains about price of beer

A MAN who runs a pub in North Oxford has moaned about the price of beer.

We only know that because Thursday’s copy of the Oxford Mail tipped up late last night.

Andrew Hall, of the Rose & Crown, a public house in North Parade, complained that the so-called “beer escalator” is ruining his business. He, and a handful of others with an axe to grind, are heading to the House of Commoners next week to “lobby” MPs.

Rose and Crown, OxfordThe very fragrant Nicola Blackwood (Conservative) is his local member of parliament. Oh and ours here in Mill Street, too.

In other news, yesterday’s Oxford Mail falsely reported the “electrical calamity” that afflicted Mill Street the other day, that we reported here on Volesoft Oxford.  It said the power went down at 7PM while our electrical oven reported it happened in the middle of the night, something verified by the locals and by the Giant Badger of Mill Street.

We are still waiting for today’s Oxford Mail. Perhaps it will tip up tomorrow. Or maybe not…  The Kite, in Mill Street, offers good nosh and the beers are good too and cheap as chips.

North Parade gets a bucketful of barf*

HOW PRETTY the snow is. And how cold and wet. We had, I dunno, about eight or nine inches here in North Oxford yesterday.

Here’s some views of North Parade about 8:10AM this morning, plus what it’s like down my alleyway. But first, a desolate Woodstock Road around 8:15AM. *Barf – Hindi for ice, snow.

North Parade, North Oxford, 8:20AM 6-1-2010

North Parade, Oxford 8:10AM 6-1-2010

North Parade 8:10AM 6-1-2010

North Parade, Oxford gets an uplift

I ATTENDED a talk from Oxford Council and Oxfordshire County Council tonight about the future of an obscure street in North Oxford which should be a jewel in Oxford’s so-called “crown”.

It was something of a revelation. No, not a revolution.  Oxford Council looks after roads between the Banbury Road and Woodstock Road. Or is it Oxfordshire County Council that does that?

Anyroad, the two councils  have found some money to refurbish North Parade which will take three weeks.

All are agreed North Parade is an oasis in North Oxford, even the far too many councillors there seem to be up this way.

The politicians agreed to a grand opening because they discovered a surplus they never knew they had. The politicians also agreed to the documentary “what I am making”. I met the local cops too. They were cool, sometimes more interested in parking regulations than village life.

They will get a celebrity to open the new road, it appears from the conversation.  The rates must be very very high. I know they are, where I am living. I believe they might manage, on North Parade, to invoke Petula Clark.  Hope she made herself up for a beer at the Rose+Crown.  ♥