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There’s a lorry at the bottom of my garden

Day Two:
The truck traverses Mill Street and is now at the bottom of my garden. While the apple tree will cover the Wall when it is built, to some extent, I need some advice on fast growing beautiful plants to shield the monstrosity once it’s erected.

Mill Street welcomes careful Austrian truckers!

Austrian flagWilkommen! And hello to Meindl, delivering the first of nine pre-fabbed bits that will eventually form a Wall at the back of Mill Street. The Wall – which will be a corridor really – will be stuffed with unfortunate students who will feel the vibrations of high speed freight trains all day and all of the night.

What’s worse for the poor scraps, is they’ll have to be neighbours with the bohemian lot who live on the east side of Mill Street.

We apologise for the three white vans from the Immigration Enforcement division of the Home Office which completely ignored the message Jason Thacker of Exel distributed down our street the other week. We dunno what they were after. You can see one of the vans blocking the path of the truck on the far left of the photo.

We also apologise that as yet we haven’t prepared the dishes we hoped to provide – along with lashings of good Austrian beer.


The scaffolds go up on Mill Street

Ahead of the Austrians coming to Mill Street – next week – the scaffolding is going up. If there is a god at the bottom of the gardens between numbers 19 to 41 it has to be Jason Thacker.

Mill Street

To look on the bright side, once the Wall has been built, we won’t be able to take a snap of the extremely ugly Said ziggurat.

Oh, by the way, the blackbird is still nesting happily in the tuti puti shed halfway down Nathistan.

Austria comes to Mill Street

birchtreemillstreetJason Thacker, site manager of the “Osney Lane Development”, otherwise known as the Wall, has sent us a missive about the shape of things to come. Jason works for Exel Construction Ltd – motto: “Building a future”.

In March, the ground works will be finished, scaffolding starts on the 24th, and manufactured building assembly will start at the end of the month.

And there will be “lorry deliveries from Austria” with a lorry coming for nine days at 7AM. “We would appreciate no parking on the side of Mill Street that has double yellow lines during this period otherwise lorries will not be able to get through.”

Prefabbed stuff then.  We’ll bring you pictures when the Wall begins to loom over the back garden.

And if we capture any video of Austrian truckers dressed in lederhosen and slapping their thighs, be sure that Volesoft will bring you that footage too…