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Is Dr Drashek a spoof?

YOU SEEK HIM here. You seek him there. But he’s always here, and he’s often everywhere. He is the dedicated follower of fashion, Dr Drashek.

We think he is a hack. Only because on his Defacebook page he describes himself as being born in 1908, and we all know what that was famous far, don’t we?

In the meantime, check out Joni Mitchell. And before.

The good Dr Drashek is either asleep or dead

ONE OF this bog’s most faithful commentators, the good Dr Drashek, should wake up to a new commenting opportunity.

Both The News and the IT Examiner allow comments – albeit subject to immoderation by the immoderators.

We are very much looking forward to immoderating DrashekWare on both titles. Chevron obviously decided to risk it for a friskit!  Oi’ll be astonished if the Good Doctor does.