Is Dr Drashek a spoof?

YOU SEEK HIM here. You seek him there. But he’s always here, and he’s often everywhere. He is the dedicated follower of fashion, Dr Drashek.

We think he is a hack. Only because on his Defacebook page he describes himself as being born in 1908, and we all know what that was famous far, don’t we?

In the meantime, check out Joni Mitchell. And before.

13 responses to “Is Dr Drashek a spoof?

  1. Drashek is mostly an annoyance,.

    But that was one cool song, Mad…


  2. Do you now look on the Bright Side of Life, Fernando? Have you been Valiched?

  3. Are you implying that you don’t just love Drash’s poetry? Pure an unadorned poetry…..



  5. Mad: no, not yet.

    But I´ve been following Theo´s musing on Farsebook and I can confirm that he´s indeed the reincarnation of that famous Energizer Bunny!!


  6. I think that either Dr Drashek is Paul Hales or Charlie’s brother. Or Rupert Goodwins. There can be no alternatives.

  7. After many a hour searching for The Doctor, my vote is for Paul.

  8. What if it’s me while I’m sleeping?.

    Stranger things have happened….
    (Insert twilight zone theme here)

  9. fERNANDO: dID yOU sEE sAME lcd sCREEN i dID? wOW, mUST BE dreamNET. maybe even org one.

    vondrashek BOT790G.ot Younger this summer, so feeling better.UNLOCKS ITS’ CORE.


    Eating ChoWhaWha by:DraySnke.

  10. “To Valich”…can you copyright that, Mike, or did Charlie beat you to it?

    Methinks Dr. Drashek’s dadaist diatribes are composed on the Postmodernism Generator
    Finnegan’s Wake is somehow involved.

  11. I was curious, and I ended up here. TBH, vondrashek and the clothing advert spam posts are equally annoying. Cheers

  12. thomasxstewart

    Citizens:REcieved Answer To Question. Here:

    Apparently REpublic of Scotland, U.K. Rules England, Due to 13th Century Spiff, Parliament Seperated & England Now Half Size. Once Scotland, U.K. Was England, With Scotish Monarch from 13th Century to 17th Century. Mary Being Line that took to John Charles Fre’Mont, in 19thCentury. MARY STEWART BEING Grandmother from J.C.F Family, then George Washington Parkers CHILD. My Younger Brother BRUCE Seems to have name & just as Spoofy, About Family. Jack Died While Back 2002. Being Jacobean, well mainly FBI Account.

    Ha. So There. History Tells Story. So Does Dept of State USA. Red,White & Blue Book, Where I Am Registured, Although Got Home In Edina, Never Been There Since 1970s’ & Title Is Being Spoofed , NOT Even Idenity Thieft, Just Plain Taken. So Buckingham, Well, Have Similar Problem


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