The good Dr Drashek is either asleep or dead

ONE OF this bog’s most faithful commentators, the good Dr Drashek, should wake up to a new commenting opportunity.

Both The News and the IT Examiner allow comments – albeit subject to immoderation by the immoderators.

We are very much looking forward to immoderating DrashekWare on both titles. Chevron obviously decided to risk it for a friskit!  Oi’ll be astonished if the Good Doctor does.

2 responses to “The good Dr Drashek is either asleep or dead

  1. I can’t speak for the good doctor, but I have so much work to do, I hardly have time to have an opunion. I understand that pres. Obama is to come down hard on Wall Street Bankers, as one put it: “He’s quite the slave driver!” It seems a “stimulus bill” is to have nothing to do with stripteasers. Oi got to get back to work… Say ‘ello to tha cat four me.

  2. Good riddance!

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