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Asia is in militaristic turmoil

By our Asian correspondent, Hadrien Levi:

Levi, in this PDF linked below the picture, explores the nature of the conflict in Asia, vastly under reported by Western media. He speculates upon a future not too many years hence where arguments between Asian nations culminate in crisis that’s not only just of confidence.  Levi is an informed analyst on Japan, China, Korea and Indonesia but is disguised under a pseudonym for his own and others’ safety.  ♦





Examiner hack caught in Gorkha riots

YOUNG IT EXAMINER REPORTER SUBHANKAR KUNDU went back to his village during this week – it’s in West Bengal – a lengthy two day journey there by Indian Railways, a day there and two days to get back.

Except it’s not like being a journalist for the INQ, being a journalist for the Examiner. Apparently there are Gorkha riots in West Bengal, which make it very unsafe to travel.

It makes travelling on the London Metropolitan Line (banner above includes Wembley Stadium – Ed.)  seem like a very pleasant dream. As the oldest existing civilisation in the world India has seen it all. China would be the oldest existing civilisation in the world, but it had its Mao tse Tung period, and the “Cultural Revolution” changed a lot of things, init?

Chinese army hackers attack India

A REPORT ON TECHGOSS claimed that a unit of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has systematically attacked Indian websites as part of a strategy by China to fight future wars.

Sathya Prasad claimed that the Chinese hackers are based in Guangdong province and use .doc and .pdf files containing trojans to grab information from sites.

Government and corporations have already come under attack, and the article claims the PLA performed an “Informaticised Peoples Warfare Network Simulation Exercise” to simulate cyberwar against India, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

There’s more here. ♦