Chinese army hackers attack India

A REPORT ON TECHGOSS claimed that a unit of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has systematically attacked Indian websites as part of a strategy by China to fight future wars.

Sathya Prasad claimed that the Chinese hackers are based in Guangdong province and use .doc and .pdf files containing trojans to grab information from sites.

Government and corporations have already come under attack, and the article claims the PLA performed an “Informaticised Peoples Warfare Network Simulation Exercise” to simulate cyberwar against India, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

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3 responses to “Chinese army hackers attack India

  1. Yes, you are absolutely right. The location of the hackers may not be confined to a few places but certainly they have done their bit in the years India has been complacent about it. It is not only China & from China that operations have been initiated but from unsuspecting bases remotely located in USA & Europe & Africa. We better wake up early for a healthy tomorrow.

  2. I think its not true, if Chinese hackers were hacking Indian sites, they would have been wise enough to hide their real IPs pointing to their real locations.
    I believe people behind these hacks may be sitting in any other place in the world but not China..

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