Gibbs Crescent: we get the lowdown and the highdown too

So today we took ourselves to St Frideswide’s Kirk, on the Botley Road, the one that couldn’t afford to build a spire although it tried to crowdfund it back in the daze. We’d never been inside before. (See footnote after the pictures – Ed.)

We only knew there was a public consultation there this evening because we’d seen a flyer in our letterbox in Mill Street from massive housing association A2Dominion last week – there was no notice outside of the kirk, either.

Regular readers of this bog will remember that Mike Magee almost evacuated himself when he heard the explosion on St Valentine’s Day (please excuse picture).

Anyway, here below are pictures of the project that A2Dominion plans to replace and displace the current residents of Gibbs Crescent. A2D officials referred to the residents being “decanted”, which is a new one on us for people.

Once the residents have been “decanted”, which could take as long as six months or longer, A2D will set in motion an application for planning permission, for 140 units on the site, some going as high as six stories, with space for only a few car spaces for wheelchair access.

Some of the properties will be dedicated to social housing – as far as we can gather it’s a portion of the 50 percent of the properties that will be “affordable” housing. The rest of the non-affordable properties will be let. An A2D functionary said any profits will be ploughed back into the housing association. The whole process could take three or more years until completion.

Unfortunately, no plans are available from A2D on the World Wild Web (sic) and there were no handouts, so we took these snaps below. If you have any questions, A2D will be glad to answer them. Email Claire Bartlett – at A2D by Thursday, the 27th of September, the year of our Good Lord! 2018.

The redevelopment of Gibbs Crescent, of course, will further gentrify West Oxford, init?

And due to the redevelopment of the Old Oxford Power Station, there will be much trundling to and fro in the narrow Victorian street called Mill Street over the next few years, and of course the Botley Road too will, as usual, be free of traffic.

We believe that St Frideswide, the patron saintess of Oxford, and her kirk was probably based on a pagan goddess called Freya or Frigga or something. But that’s all lost in the past. Don’t mention Pusey!!!

Here at, we’re talking about the future. The future of Gibbs Crescent, one of the few – if any – social housing communities left in the centre of Oxford, hangs in the balance. One source at A2D whispered – of course off the record – that many of the residents will be glad to leave the centre of the City.

With a little help from their friends, of course.

3 responses to “Gibbs Crescent: we get the lowdown and the highdown too

  1. What happened to the marina?

  2. Friend of Gibbs Crescent

    I’m a visitor to the crescent my friend lives there has done for many years.

    Residents will will recieve £6,100 deplacement payment and the housing association A2 dominion will pay all removal costs too.

    On top of this they will be granted priority on housing lists so it’s not like there being kicked out on the street is it.

  3. Gibbs Crescent has issues like anywhere else to be honest, There is no community there at all.

    The poorest of the tennants there are probably the better ones. Least they don’t think they better then they are. There is a pathetic lititle clique there who think they own the place allways moaning, complaining about people out of spite. It really is funny because this small group bitch and moan at others why this why that etc when they all talk about each other to others.

    Lots of Gibbs Crescent are happy at this redevelopment idea.

    They tell a trusted few but don’t dare tell the clique.

    They are never happy allways moaning. Sad but very true.

    They actually thought the community would stand together and stop these plans haha. Yeah right, of course these plans will go ahead think of the amount of housing you can get on there.
    What community ? there is none I’d say 85% are in favour of this.
    No more clique, No more being watched No more curtain pullers spying all day.

    Did uou know they actually watch you going about your business when taking your rubbish out of the bins.

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