How many screens does a single lad need?

lcdTHIS TIME last year I found myself in San Jose, kitted out with a notebook, a tablet PC and a phone.

A nice chap  said to me: “Mike, you’ve got three screens there. How many screens do you need?”

That set me thinking – and so today I decided to do a count of how many LCD (liquid crystal diode) devices I have here in the hoose.

The results are shocking, unless you’re an LCD or glass manufacturer. I have a total of 13 LCD screens here in a house where only one person lives.  Eight are upstairs and five are downstairs.

If I had 26 pairs of eyes, and could function on two levels at the same time, and had many heads and arms, there might be a point to it all.

I haven’t counted the number of LEDs there are in the house, but after all, they just wink at you, don’t they?

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  1. My latest is my first GPS: TomTom GO 2535 LIVE
    How did I ever manage without this? It has great potential, but I’ve learned that there are some “gotcha’s” in regard to working/adding (with/to) the Point Of Interest files and the associated BMP icons. Mostly finding them at, but the icon name must match the POI name, which they never do, as downloaded. It loads to the device in-mass, but must be deleted (painfully slowly) one at a time. Everything needs backing out at this point, because of the things which I didn’t know to do at the time. Virtually every POI file and Icon file needs to be renamed. After they are loaded, you have to navigate four sub-screens to set the preferences for each one. The TomTom calls every location by its category name and won’t give you the (internal to the POI file) location’s business name; for instance, with a POI collection file such as “100 Great Restaurants in LA”, it won’t tell you the name of the restaurant. So the value of those lists, I see now, is diminished; but it can still tell me where is every nearby McDonalds USA & Canada. The nice thing is that you can tell it to navigate to what it has described. You can set the *warning* to occur on/off your route and the distance to which is relative to that setting. Being a programmer, I could make scores of improvements, but all-in-all, it is a nice piece of kit. Another annoyance is the fact that although you can plan routes, you can’t save them for use later. So you have to go through the whole correction rigamarole for each trip. And if you don’t plan a route, you miss out on all of the lovely POI announcements. I guess I’m lonely, and I’m just longing to hear her voice.

  2. which is worst, which worst deal. getting any 2k x 4k ideas. seems late sept be solid base at $1,ooo.oo coming to market. ?plasma….

    draw back is bad format controllers, makes ‘Em All Defective to point. hey, just few years to retirement. remember must have earning statements for 16 quarters before retirement. if miss any or don’t file day let go, Bam, start over, another 4 years to wait with no income.
    how ’bout 8.1. miss sticky notes, strangely. ms old mic.gusty, robust, helpful.

    hook each group of 6 up together with eyefinity & bee nas….

    tom v. ‘ole friend & georgetopolius namegiver. WaPo….

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