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How many screens does a single lad need?

lcdTHIS TIME last year I found myself in San Jose, kitted out with a notebook, a tablet PC and a phone.

A nice chap  said to me: “Mike, you’ve got three screens there. How many screens do you need?”

That set me thinking – and so today I decided to do a count of how many LCD (liquid crystal diode) devices I have here in the hoose.

The results are shocking, unless you’re an LCD or glass manufacturer. I have a total of 13 LCD screens here in a house where only one person lives.  Eight are upstairs and five are downstairs.

If I had 26 pairs of eyes, and could function on two levels at the same time, and had many heads and arms, there might be a point to it all.

I haven’t counted the number of LEDs there are in the house, but after all, they just wink at you, don’t they?