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How many screens does a single lad need?

lcdTHIS TIME last year I found myself in San Jose, kitted out with a notebook, a tablet PC and a phone.

A nice chap  said to me: “Mike, you’ve got three screens there. How many screens do you need?”

That set me thinking – and so today I decided to do a count of how many LCD (liquid crystal diode) devices I have here in the hoose.

The results are shocking, unless you’re an LCD or glass manufacturer. I have a total of 13 LCD screens here in a house where only one person lives.  Eight are upstairs and five are downstairs.

If I had 26 pairs of eyes, and could function on two levels at the same time, and had many heads and arms, there might be a point to it all.

I haven’t counted the number of LEDs there are in the house, but after all, they just wink at you, don’t they?

London Evening Standard confirms paper journalism is dead

IF THIS GUY hadn’t been running to cross the Euston Road, we’d have had a very clear shot of an Evening Standard booth with a flat panel TFT-LCD panel displaying all the paper’s headlines.


We investigated further because we speculated what the heck was going on.


The news seller has to change the battery once or twice a day to replenish the LCD display. The continuous LCD display is beamed by wi-fi, not WiMAX, from a place across the road.


The system has been installed for about two months. The vendor could not say whether or not the new system sells more papers. There are now three free newspapers in London, one of which is owned by the same firm that sells the Evening Standard. People, he said, did not crowd around to see what the headlines are.


Just across the road, there were lots of people giving away free newspapers, one of which is from the same stable as the Standard.


Obviously people prefer to watch TV rather than read newspapers. ♦