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Falun Gong maintains vigil outside Taiwan’s pineapple cake tower

Falun Gong, Taipei 101

NOW IT is much easier for people to fly from China to Taiwan and to Taiwan to China from the, er, domestic airport, a stream of visitors from the mainland come to Old Taipei to sample, we’re told, the excellent pineapple cake produced here and to buy expensive watches.

Where better to do that than in the stunningly expensive Taipei 101, full of high class brands that you and I cannot possibly forward.

So as the coaches unload the mainland visitors, there’s a small group of people, pictured here, who are Falun Gong devotees – the Falun Gong is proscribed on the mainland. In Oxford, most weekends, a small group of people hand out leaflets about the Falun Gong, they seem to be the most peaceful of people. Ah well…. Φ

We take the Daan dare

A STONE’S THROW from the Dandy Hotel in Daan is Daan Park. We took a stroll through the park to encounter almost mythical beasts…

Daan Park, Taipei
A bird

A terrapin

Black squirrel

What’s going on here, in Old Taipei?

The Word Trade Center - geddit?!?


The Best Buy Second Hand Shop

A Computex Show Girl