What’s going on here, in Old Taipei?

The Word Trade Center - geddit?!?


The Best Buy Second Hand Shop

A Computex Show Girl

6 responses to “What’s going on here, in Old Taipei?

  1. thomasxstewart

    Hey Mike, always Wanted to be Booth Babe. Heck, Look At EveryWhere & How Being Babe helps.

    Thinking Maybe Golden gopher or Maybe Potato.

    ouuuu, Maybe Horse Costume, To B=Get qqquick Peek at Behinder. Wow.

    Booth Babes+1.


  2. you lucky dog!

  3. Drashek is an anagram for
    Dark She ___ hmmmmmm(??)

    And thomasxstewart:
    I’ll never understand to me the DraMcShek has always been an enigma

    I’m a complete git

    ouuuu ouuuu ouuuu

    What’s going on EveryWhere
    I missed the internet today, I’ll have to read a billionth times more tomorrow to ketchup.
    I wish I was EveryWhere else. I only read Fudzilla and TechEye – everything else are a damp squid on tender hooks champing at the bit of a mute point adverse to and visa versa.

    sorry Mike. Best of EveryWhere to you.

  4. thomasxstewart

    Cara S. Big Day. S Stands for von.

    Looks Good In Intitial Reports. 3 1/2 Hours to Go. Whitee’ Seems Strong. Primary Contenders Say Carla Has Too Much Strenght in Financial Area to Overpower. Isn’t that Point?

    Vote & Vote Often. KarlaTS Will lower Tax burden & help Industrial America.


  5. thomasxstewart

    By Time this is read, Votes Will follow this pattern, Ladies Night Out, So To Speak.

    Former EBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman and Former Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Carly Fiorina held early leads in the Republican races for governor and U.S. Senate respectively.

    With about 7% of the vote counted from around the state, Whitman is earning 65.6% of the Republican vote, compared to 25.3% for Steve Poizner.

    Fiorina has 59% of the early vote, leading former Congressman Tom Campbell and Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine), who have 22% and 16% of the vote respectively.

    Carla is Sure Looking More Mature & Well Dressed. Good luck On H.Boxer Arm Wrestle. Too Bad About H Barbs Dad Dying just before first election, Marin County is Strong Hold, yet Washington Mutual Has Folded, So has Home Saving Founded on Vine & Sunset, since H Boxer Took office, With help From Rohr & Other leaders, plus San jarquine valley as Home Fav root & San Diego for heavily Intrested in Electroinics, Might Be New Gal in Town next year.

    You Read IT ALL Here from First Whispers In Mad Mikes.

    TS drashek PS Poisner Is In Montana & Silver City, Ranching & Very Moral People. Devore might be Paints, devol, Russian.. while Campbell, anyones guess, Maybe Scotland, Ehhhh..

  6. thomasxstewart

    Was Barry Soetoro Born In Hawaii?
    For the record,H Barak Obama True name is Barry Soetoro, unless he’s legally changed surname from his stepfather.

    If Barry Soetoro/Hon Barak Obama esq was born in Hawaii, then why doesn’t Barry Soetoro :H. Barak Obama esq manifest an authentic birth certificate, Has Anyone even Searched For Barry Soetoro in Birth Records Produced for Drivers License to find Birth Certificate.


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