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The old folk of today. What are they like?

UP AT the newsagents in Pinner View brightly and early and take my place in the rather short queue.

In front of me is a big, big man not so young man, who finally loses his patience with waiting for more than a nanosecond, picks up a copy of the Sun without paying and bogs off.

News is free, right? The newsagent gazes after him and writes the petty theft off, tells his assistant not to bother pursuing him. ♥

SPEC developing graphic power-performance benchmark

INDUSTRY BODY SPEC said that it is in the course of preparing an industry standard benchmark for power and performance related to professional workstations.

The body said that the SPEC/GWPG benchmark will be available this summer, and will use workloads from the SPECviewperf benchmark for 3D graphics, as well as CPU workloads for a number of applications including financial modelling, scientific computing,  and open source.

Participants in the push to the benchmark include AMD, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, Nvidia, Sun and Intel.