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Pizza comes with innovation topping

THERE’S BEEN a recenty outcry against a restaurant in London which served frogs’ legs as a topping on its pizza, with the restaranteur remaining defiant, and saying he’s going to offer pizzas with escargots too.

Anything London can do, Ole Bengaluru can do better. Pizza Corner, for example, just round the corner,  offers Innovations as a topping.



Meanwhile, a rare quadruped was discovered just outside my apartment today. We believe it is what is called a cat, an animal in very short supply generally in India. The picture is fuzzy, but we promise we didn’t photoshop it and it is a ginger moggie.

Domino pizza falls in Fuselli conjunction

DOMINO PIZZAS dominates – there is little doubt about that. We cannot even begin to imagine the vast factories churning out Domino Pizzas and the distribution chain is probably even more awesome, as the 21st century kids of today say today.

So I was amused to see the blue plaque in Fitzrovia holding forth above the Domino Pizza piazza, naming one man, called Fuseli. There’s more about Fuseli, here.

He is not pasta. He’s definitely past it. The shot was taken in Fitzrovia.  μ