Domino pizza falls in Fuselli conjunction

DOMINO PIZZAS dominates – there is little doubt about that. We cannot even begin to imagine the vast factories churning out Domino Pizzas and the distribution chain is probably even more awesome, as the 21st century kids of today say today.

So I was amused to see the blue plaque in Fitzrovia holding forth above the Domino Pizza piazza, naming one man, called Fuseli. There’s more about Fuseli, here.

He is not pasta. He’s definitely past it. The shot was taken in Fitzrovia.  μ

3 responses to “Domino pizza falls in Fuselli conjunction

  1. thomasxstewart

    Some intresting facts about pizza, its 90%+ profit industry, where average pizza is mere one pound in weight, yet cost $10. Mainly rasied bread dough, actual taste is spice & Grease. Having cold pizza home delivered is thrill of infirmed or Class A Partyiers.Strangely, even less nutrisitional items on menu sell almost as well as pizza. Meaning food value is Not concern of customer. More candy or snack food. Being Robbed or Killed isn’t uncommon for delivery people, often with shop owner setting up anyone with insurance with vechile accident.
    Most Pizza shops sell dope.

  2. SO Fitzrovia is a place in London. If you had not tell I’d say it’d be in Africa.

    Hello drashek… interestinc factoids. I always suspected wrt the dope. ;-), although it remains to be seen if it’s a side business of the motorbike delivery guys or the owners are part of it.

    I find your comments very amusing, always, even in my INQ articles.

    Hi there Mike LTNS.


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