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Beggar Kingfisher, god bless Haywards 5000

FOR A CITY that claims to be the pub capital of India, you cannot escape Kingfisher anywhere. Hic! The firm obviously has a very sound channel – it dominates the Bengaluru world. Chip giant Intel should take note, but sometimes you fancy a change.

And this Haywards 5000 stuff is something else. For Rs 75 you can have a taste of Haywards “Super Strong Beer”. At around eight percent it’s got a fine kick and according to one end user, “it’s strong but it’s smooth”, a bit like Indian Gold Flake fags.

Obviously, this beer is exported worldwide and is apparently a big thing in Tasmania. It’s  pictured below against the background of a Bengaluru magazine that rivals Time Out and the incredible book “Enter from Backside Only” – an Indian phrase that sometimes is changed to “Backside being Beautified, do not Enter”. Cough.  The juxtaposition of Hidden Bang, Haywards 5000 and Entry from the Backside only is purely coincidental.  The official site is here.

There’s more to beer than Kingfisher

KINGFISHER is probably one of the best known Indian beers there is. But there’s more to Indian beer than Kingfisher.

The Kingfisher airline in India is owned by the same guy that brews the beer. But you can’t drink his beer on the frights, because consumption of alcohol on domestic flights is forbidden. However, it’s likely in August that Kingfisher will go international, so then you’ll be able to.

Last week we sampled two delights – Haywards 5000 and Knock Out. As you’ll gather from the latter, they’re pretty strong beers, and tasty too. They both deserve more exposure to the discerning connoisseur of beer [shorely lushes, Ed.].

We won’t mention Cobra here, because the Cobra you get in Blighty is brewed in Blighty. It was repackaged a few years ago, now where the Hindi for snake, Naga, was replaced by a Hindi transliteration of Cobra.

There are some fine Nepalese beers too. More power to their elbow! Hic. ♥