Beggar Kingfisher, god bless Haywards 5000

FOR A CITY that claims to be the pub capital of India, you cannot escape Kingfisher anywhere. Hic! The firm obviously has a very sound channel – it dominates the Bengaluru world. Chip giant Intel should take note, but sometimes you fancy a change.

And this Haywards 5000 stuff is something else. For Rs 75 you can have a taste of Haywards “Super Strong Beer”. At around eight percent it’s got a fine kick and according to one end user, “it’s strong but it’s smooth”, a bit like Indian Gold Flake fags.

Obviously, this beer is exported worldwide and is apparently a big thing in Tasmania. It’s  pictured below against the background of a Bengaluru magazine that rivals Time Out and the incredible book “Enter from Backside Only” – an Indian phrase that sometimes is changed to “Backside being Beautified, do not Enter”. Cough.  The juxtaposition of Hidden Bang, Haywards 5000 and Entry from the Backside only is purely coincidental.  The official site is here.

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  1. thomasxstewart

    Just 1 Hur ago this article appeared in Mike magees tech enews, IT.Examiner:

    The cloud hovering over the Ahmedabad blasts has not yet cleared. The e-mail that was reportedly sent to a private news channel, India TV minutes before the blast happened has been tracked.

    Speaking to IT Examiner, the cyber police in Ahmedabad, Sunny Vaghela said the mail was sent from a Navi Mumbai’s Palm Beach Road area and seized a computer from which an e-mail was suspected to have been sent to TV channel in the country. at around 6.40 PM.

    The mail reportedly gave information about the blasts that actually happened minutes after. Vaghela said the second mail that was received from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and it has threatened to kill the unnamed Muslim celebrities in Bollywood. The second mail was received at 0033 hours on 27th July.

    The owner of the house from where the first mail was sent informed police he had rented the flat to an American and IP address was allegedly hooked.

    Vaghela further said the police have seized the hard-disk for the further investigations.

    Earlier, e-mails have been reportedly sent threatening attacks on India. The reasons are many for this anger but the Government must take some steps to clear the cloud.

    People are So Lazy, Luckily. As ANY Fake Library Card Could Have lead to Dead End, So to Speak.

  2. If men were born free they would so long as they remained free form no conception of good and evil.

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