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Intel Larrabee stories go missing in cyberspace

WE’VE EAGERLY been waiting to see stories from the Intel Nehalem and Larrabee press briefing today but Google has been titillating us with tales that go nowhere.

A search on the Googlemat for Nehalem a few minutes back reveals one from Rogister Hardware filed three hours ago, but with a link that goes to a 404. A similar phenomenon happened with an IT Week story, filed 24 minutes ago.

We wonder if there’s been an embargo SNAFU, perhaps? ♥

Intel to brief on Nehalem, Larrabee, Dunnington

CHIP GIANT Intel is holding a teleconference for world hacks this coming Monday on its Nehalem, Larrabee and Dunnington technologies.

It will unveil further details of architectures it expects to implement during the course of this year.

I understand its Nehalem and its Larrabee plans are already far advanced. Nehalem will frighten AMD because it’s an answer to its chip architecture, while Larrabee will frighten, er, AMD and Nvidia because it poses a threat to their graphics business.

We’ll be listening in on Monday for the details after we’re back from Bengalaru. ♣