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Nvidia says Intel is playing “catch up”

INTEL’S LARRABEE is no threat to Nvidia, according to a geezer called Andy Keane, chatting to the Wall Street Journal today.

Keane, who is the general manager of Nvidia’s graphic chip division, told the Journal that Intel is doing “old computing”  and attempting to catch up.

That’s what I like about Nvidia – it’s got some balls. Last week Stephen Smith from Intel told us that his firm will have competing products with AMD and Nvidia next year. The quotes from Keane were buried deep in an article that – surprise, surprise – was featuring the sub-prime market. ♦

Intel will take on AMD, Nvidia head to head

THE CHIP called Larrabee will have so many notches on its gun that there will likely be a gunfight at the not-so-OK corral between Intel, AMD and Nvidia next year.

Today, Stephen Smith, VP of Intel’s Digital Enterprise division, told me that Larrabee, which the firm will demo later this year, will allow the firm to build discrete graphics cards. Products will follow, and that probably means 2009.

So that will mean that it will have graphics products to compete against Nvidia and ATI.

Making 2009 an interesting year in the already highly competitive graphics market.
Larrabee will be vector based, and use shared cache across multiple cores.

Smith also disclosed some details about Nehalem’s successors. It will be followed by a 32 nanometre chip called Westmere, and Sandy Bridges in 2010. Tock. Tick. ♣


Intel to brief on Nehalem, Larrabee, Dunnington

CHIP GIANT Intel is holding a teleconference for world hacks this coming Monday on its Nehalem, Larrabee and Dunnington technologies.

It will unveil further details of architectures it expects to implement during the course of this year.

I understand its Nehalem and its Larrabee plans are already far advanced. Nehalem will frighten AMD because it’s an answer to its chip architecture, while Larrabee will frighten, er, AMD and Nvidia because it poses a threat to their graphics business.

We’ll be listening in on Monday for the details after we’re back from Bengalaru. ♣