EON’s Chris McLain in mighty fail

Bob CollingtonChris McLain is the CEO of Home Energy Services Ltd, spun off from EON, as far as I can tell.

HES was supposed to service my boiler on Monday the 16th of June last but the engineer said he couldn’t find a parking space, according to the wonderful Zoe, someone who obviously cares at HES.

She called me back pronto and said the engineer couldn’t be arsed to try to park again so my boiler would have to wait until the 1st of July to be serviced.

Zoe was obviously cool but Mr Chris McLain obviously doesn’t give an arse about his customers, inherited from EON. We await to hear from the spun off company and hope Chris McClain doesn’t get a knighthood for no services to old people! ♣

4 responses to “EON’s Chris McLain in mighty fail

  1. I blame the lorry at the bottom of your garden, Mike. When you do see McLain, give him a proper Letting of your Meindl. A storm in a teacup! Anyhoo, you won’t be needing a boiler before July, init? Gi’ me regards to Zoe!


  2. At least your problem was in the middle of a good summer. My boiler was serviced by HES on 22nd January 205 and on 6th February things started going wrong. First the hot water failed and still hasn’t been fixed after 3 visits and the heating itself failed on 12th February with no visit yet from a plumbing monkey. Today is 23rd February. We have made numerous phone calls with promises that they will call back but no call back ever takes place. They are a total dead loss.


  3. I feel your pain! I have had nothing but grief and hassle from HES. Any idea how to contact Christopher McLain directly as I have sent 3 emails to their customer services since the 17th of Feb and have not had one reply!!


  4. We got our boiler fully up and running after 3 weeks. I used this e-mail address to make a written complaint hescorres@heschc.com on the Monday afternoon and had a man out that evening. In the end we had to play our ace card, we had just received a letter saying that my wife’s bladder cancer treatment was about to resume, and this requires that she has to have proper washig facilites at home after each hospital visit. As soon as this was explained to HES it was as if a bomb had gone off under them. By the way Mad Mike, Christopher McLain is 50 (companies house info) so the person in the Hi-Vis jacket looks too young and if you click on the photo a different name is shown as the JPEG file name. Don’t want you to be sued for defamation of character.


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