Dawn over Mill Street Oxford

THIS WAS the scene that appeared when I opened the curtains yesterday morning. ♥
Dawn over Mill Street

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  1. thomasxstewart

    theMIKE Might remember when “Michael Jacksons’ DEAD Body, Copied from theSUN onLine, was being blabbed by both Sun & Self for about 3 Months. Got ‘Da Boot In MPLS.

    allowing the cardiologist to keep his license “would constitute an imminent danger to public safety.”

    Evidence presented by prosecutors, the judge said, showed “a direct nexus in connection between the acts and omissions of Dr. Murray and the homicide in this case,” the judge said.

    Pastor’s decision

    Well, Felt was ibit Tacky, Yet near Hopeless murder, Now One Golden Ray of Hope Has Struck Resonate Tone above: Manslaughter IS Homicide, Even with Greatest evil Intent, Without Security Monitoring, Michael Jackson Was More Duck In Barrel. Trial Gonna Be BIG.Public & Family Want Justice & Hon Judge Has Given Precise Instruction for OutCome.

  2. do you know the way to san jose? by way of Albuquerque perhaps?
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    – Mark Twain

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