An obviously excited snowman appears overnight

THE CARROT isn’t where it usually is, I don’t think.  ♥

One response to “An obviously excited snowman appears overnight

  1. Mike, I see remenets of Fall, Near front door. HOWEVER, Do Eye C Step Cleanly Groomed For Holiday Guests. NO. ITS’ WINTER!

    Get That ‘Ole Black Magic Out, with remaining Bristles & SWEEP, Sweep Away Steps,from Cold FootPrintLess Captured Sno. LocalChoirs Will Thank Thee.

    ahso, maybe open shade around noontime. Plus recycling container be great crapper. As Party Takes Over. Give Grandkids Book on Communicating with Frosty. Frosty Dyed, After ALL.

    Next, Make SnoPerson In Freezor Section of Fridge. Then Wait for Evening Dance. Invite Parts of Outdoors Frosty In For Freezor Chat.

    vondrashek spoofaholic & Bah HumBug. OutDoor Editing Expert.


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