Deborah, my bee, returns to me, maybe

THE DAY after I rescued a humble bee that had flown into my abode, I went out to see whether, whether, my bee had returned to me.

She had. She hadn’t been inside the house but she was flagging. I lifted her up on a holly leaf and put her in the way of the Sun – the upar wala. A few minutes later Deborah flew away.

I haven’t seen her for days. Has Deborah the Bee abandoned me? Lovely Deborah, Deborah. Oh that’s a song. And I am just mad about saffron.

4 responses to “Deborah, my bee, returns to me, maybe

  1. thomasxstewart

    Why Do Those Stories remind of Mad Mikes Zine editorhip/Ownership? Pollinate & Fly away, that Is. Did You Know Honey Is Made of Bee Vomit?

    Say, Question about Paul hale, any relation to Alan Hale, Captain on Gilligans Island. Funny G.I. Hadn’t Bumble Bee episode.

    Say Mike, Every Thought of Going Into business of Making Bee Hives?

    Signed:Master Bee Drashek

  2. thomasxstewart

    Hi-Mike: found website just for You from Intel. Intel IS Researching BEEKEEPING & CCD. its here:

    CCD Is Colony Collaspe Disfunction. Perhaps brought On By Swating, Eyyyyh.

    Hornet of Drashek

    PS BEES Speak In Chess Knight Fashion.

  3. Karlsbad Beesot

    Yes the bee sides are many times better than the hits!

    Born-a high forever to fly.
    Wind-a velocity nil.
    Born-a high forever to fly.
    If you want your cup, I´ll fill

    They call me Mellow Yellow,
    Quite rightly.
    They call me Mellow Yellow,
    Quite rightly.
    They call me Mellow Yellow

    VonZipper Saffron Sunglass Series with Gold-Tort Frame

    » From: Hebrew
    » Sex: Female
    » Meaning: Bee

    Issachar from heaven fought the stars.

    Deb Bee

    Hmm, hmm, hmm.
    Come take a walk in sunny South Kensington
    So come loon soon down Cromwell Road, man,
    You got to spread your wings.
    A-flip out, skip out, trip-out

    Spelling Deborah

  4. I knew a girl called Deborah before long before I knew you.
    Now your mention of a song brings it all back.
    That was a memory worth reviving though :)
    I keep thinking of that line in Gladiator.
    “still alive? the gods must have a sense of humor”
    Sometimes i miss the past, when I believed in something more. Deborah had a great body,
    maybe thats all I will remeber, like strawberry jam.

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