Strange creatures spotted in Oxford

OXFORD IN MAY is well weird, as you saw from a previous pasting I did.

In late May, it gets even weirder, with people dressed up like drag acts and some actually wearing bowler hats which went out with the end of the Second World War, AFAIK.

What are these strange creatures crossing the road? Are they bees, birds, flies, fauna or what?

No, they are part of the exclusive club that is Oxford, pictured near the Sheldonian (sic).


2 responses to “Strange creatures spotted in Oxford

  1. Did you know (as I did not) that the veddy Jewish name Mordecai derives (most probably) from Marduk? Fings one learns on teh intareb…

  2. Never mind the Derby. It will soon be Ladies Day at Royal Ascot in Berkshire. When in the presence of, one must don a grand cuppala; openly giving the women odds as they pass the weird beards. That is all there is to it. Pick the one with the best turned-out curves. Then bet your house on it. I saw her at the end of the day. Passed out on a deck chair with her skirt up past her knickers. Neigh a whinny! Unfortunately it would not be an Overdose; but I’m told to Mind That Bird. Well, it puts me fidgin-fain when they lose the plot.


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