Snowdown in Oxford, goodbye to barf

OXFORD LARGELY escaped the snow that engulfed London earlier this week, but we got our come uppance this morning with about four or five inches of barf.

Still, next Monday I’m off to Bangalore and to temperatures that will thaw me out, no doubt. Unlike Oxford

8AM today

View from the Tower of Light: 8AM today

One response to “Snowdown in Oxford, goodbye to barf

  1. thomasxstewart

    Mike: Snow IS NOT Barf. Snow is Something to Make Angles In, Throw at Local Vechiles & Makes complete New Pristine Enviorment. Snow Purifies AIR & Water, Snow is for Skiing, Snow Boarding & Sledding. Snow Is Not toilet item. With Snow comes COLD & Lower Metabolism, Cancer Preventer. Only Saints Above Can Endure Snow, Yet SNOW IS Nessessary.

    Signed:SnowCone Drashek

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