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North Parade gets a bucketful of barf*

HOW PRETTY the snow is. And how cold and wet. We had, I dunno, about eight or nine inches here in North Oxford yesterday.

Here’s some views of North Parade about 8:10AM this morning, plus what it’s like down my alleyway. But first, a desolate Woodstock Road around 8:15AM. *Barf – Hindi for ice, snow.

North Parade, North Oxford, 8:20AM 6-1-2010

North Parade, Oxford 8:10AM 6-1-2010

North Parade 8:10AM 6-1-2010

There’s snow and darkness out there

NORTH PARADE – dateline January 5 2010 and not a creature is stirring not even a mouse out there.

The view is of snow, snow and more snow. BBC Weather, it say: Heavy snow and -4 degrees Celsius. Poor birds! ♦

Jock McFrock – the bekilted engineer – returns

WEE JOCK McFrock, the bekilted engineer, hasnae been seen for many a day since VNU bought theinquirer.net.

But he’s nae dead, nor is he forgotten. We had an emissive from him just today and he is looking forward to skilleting many a fish in the year of our Lord 2010.

As he said to me when I chatted to him on McSkype: “Och, ye cannae put a guid mon doon.”

He asked to be remembered to all of his “auld friends fit he met in bonny Lost Wages a muckle back.”

He asked me specifically – “Mike, can ye nae find that picture of the rainbow and the crock of gold at CES fit ye published a thae years back?”

It took me a while to go through the archives, but here it is, in all of its snowy glory.

Snowdown in Oxford, goodbye to barf

OXFORD LARGELY escaped the snow that engulfed London earlier this week, but we got our come uppance this morning with about four or five inches of barf.

Still, next Monday I’m off to Bangalore and to temperatures that will thaw me out, no doubt. Unlike Oxford

8AM today

View from the Tower of Light: 8AM today