Bengaluru is full of pretty pakshas

PONDERING the roar that is new Bengaluru today, my eye spotted a bird which I’ve never seen before. It’s not the screaming one that wakes me up at 5AM, but which I spotted by accident. It’s not the raptors that fly in the sky, nor is a crow. Nor for that matter is a finch.

It is a strange bird, around the size of a British Starling, but with green wings and a brown body, and a tiny little voice. If only I had managed to snap the thing before it flew off to pastures new.

As I said last time I was in this beautiful city, if the authorities are not careful, they will destroy the trees, the plants, the butterflies and the other flora that decorate this Karnataka paradise.

Everywhere around you is the sound of trees being felled, of drills being wielded and of metal being welded. If India wants an example of what can be done to a city, it need look no further than Shanghai. I stayed there earlier this year in the Pudong “district”, and the only other living creature apart from humanoids were four forlorn sparrows.

The last thing Bengaluru needs is three more ring roads. But I would hazard a wager if such things were permitted here, that three are already planned. It’s a garden city by default, and needs to be kept that way. Which is obviously just my humble opinion. Money often wins in this world.

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  1. thomas stewart von drashek

    To Me it is amazing how fast eastern cities expand. in 1900 Most cities where mere 100,000 people, Now Near 10 million.

    Compare that with West,staying often same thruout, especially English speaking nations.

    Each Ring is 10 Mile circle around Major city, Oh, Sure first few rings arn’t so large, about size of Washington,DC & suburbs, Washington being one Ring itself. From England as one goes East, Germanies cities TOP out with 6,7 or 8 Rings. As each ring goes around city it adds 20 miles of space ADDITINAL around entire City, so 6 Ring city Near 100 miles in Diameter. HUGE.

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