Nvidia and the eggs – revisited

HAD A CHAT with old Charlie Demerjian at the INQster this morning about Mr Peddie’s post and the matter of eggs in the face.

Charlie tells me that sure enough the conversation was real, but after Mr Derek Perez laid down the guidelines for how to have a deep and meaningful conversation with Nvidiazilla, Charlie rejected them totalismo. At which point, rather than throw eggs at Demerjian, Derek just lost it.

Charlie said he was chatting to Jon Peddie about this stuff at the ATI conference at Computex and our darling debonair graphics analyst embellished it, quite colourfully we believe.

Is all well that ends well? We think not. Not yet, anyroadmap as we used to say at the INQsteria.  

One response to “Nvidia and the eggs – revisited

  1. I’ve got to say that I bought it.
    After I had seen your post, I wrote a comment on Peddie’s blog. Jon cooled me down swiftly explaining that the illustrated story was meant to be just a joke.
    Good. So NV actually didn’t hire a moronic PR who doesn’t know squat about crisis management in media relations.

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