Thank god there’s a difference at Macdonalds

BACK IN BLIGHTY, and it’s almost as if I never were away.

Here in Blighty we noticed one of those curious juxtapositions at Baker Street, the combo of a London taxi cab and a Macdonald’s logistics operation.

Thank goodness that every burger you eat here in Blighty is homegrown! Macdonalds really does care about our health, you know! Every burger is either British or Irish hand-reared.  

2 responses to “Thank god there’s a difference at Macdonalds

  1. thomasxstewart

    Dear Mr. Mike: Beef Means NO Testicles & miscoding of YOUR New Zine, IT.Examiner in Comment & Log In sub routines, Seems Likely Beef has taken Hold. I thaghts that English are amoung BEEF Eaters, NOT BEEFEd Thunk.

    You missing Real Sico Market if Public cann’t Access Your Article Comments.

    BTW: Why NO Computex this Year. Its HOT, Many X58 Mains, Nahalem @ .856V Core with SSE 4.2+, NOW Mike whats SSE 4.2+? Get Up & Going, Winners Don’t Pout, they reinvigorate.


  2. God Save The Farm!

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