Computer journos meet to discuss the wheel of time

TIME IS the merciless destroyer of us all because it marches on irrespective of our little lives.

Interesting then to meet Ed(ward) Henning, who was after a copy of an ancient book I translated anciently, the Kaulajnananirnaya, ascribed to one Matsyendranath.

Ed, in return gave me a copy of his book Kalacakra and the Tibetan Calendar, a closely argued basically astronomical monograph. (American Institute of Buddhist Studies, 2007).

People will find all sorts of things to argue about, and as we all know, do. A debate still rages between astrologers whether the “sidereal” or “tropical” zodiac is the “correct” one. Henning’s book argues closely that a series of events caused the degradation of the Tibetan calendar, but the Kalacakra recension was at least a radical approach to calculations.

I still haven’t been to Kerala, but some of the finest Hindu astronomers/astrologers came up with some astonishing results while King John I and last of England was looking for his jewels in the wash.  Unfortunately, a lot of science got mixed up with even more superstition, so unravelling these threads is not an easy task.  ♥

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  1. thomasxstewart

    Hindu Like macdonalds is For Eating & argueably Arguing to determine whose to be Eaten next.

    However, with Zodiac, its is far more powerful influance than most realize, whose karas was long ago set by standarized zodiac interputations upon them.

    Simply, School sytem has to make you into someone & Your Date of Birth is good starting point, as all other schools will then follow just about exact same course of emphasis with you, as you DOB remains fixed & Zodiac interputation of that time also remains fixed for all time. Its intresting way to insure even & reliable educated product when educating People.


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