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So farewell Centre of Laundry Excellence!

WE BID A sad bye bye to the Centre of Laundry Excellence – otherwise known as the Executive Inn on 12th Main, Bengaluru last week, close to the ESI Hospital, the Shiva Shakti temple, and the Kali shrine.


If onions weren’t aphrodisiacs we would be pretty sure that we would have jammed a few into our eyeballs and let the eye monsoon break free.

Something  bizarre happened during our last week at this excellent guest house. The breakfast area, now famous for its poached eggs, was totally transformed into a Zoroastrian restaurant, complete with winged bulls and that.

We believe the Zoroastrian restaurant opened today. We wouldn’t know.


We’re back in Blighty and the trip to Bengaluru airport only took 45 minutes this time round, thanks to Reliance car service Meru.


These guys at Meru Taxis work between 15 and 24 hours a day and it really is a miracle that they manage to stay awake while ferrying people backwards and forwards from BIAL.

We are sure international visitors arriving at BIAL will be highly impressed by the packs of wild dogs running around and barking and sometimes biting each other. They’re after scraps. There is a big debate in Bengaluru about wild dogs. The consensus is they shouldn’t be decked.

Listed Odeon kinema hosts Zoroastrian centre

RAYNERS LANE is not the brightest spot in suburban north west London, but it is home to one of the Art Deco Odeons which still grace a few British cities.

Sorry, I am going to reminisce a little now. We had an Odeon in Aberdeen and I remember being taken there on my 7th birthday and being astounded by the decor, the furniture and above all by the organist who really did rise up from the depths and play before the main film started.

Here is the Rayners Lane Odeon, which as you can see has now been turned into the Zoroastrian Centre. ♦

BOGGARD When cinemas first started opening, they were called kinemas. Not sure when or why the usage changed. Anyone know?