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WordPress themes governed by drongos

IF ONLY stupid WordPress had dropped its customers a line to say that it was buggering about with the free themes, my bog would not be as buggered as it is now. Mental note to myself. Don’t waste time when a few software developers can destroy the work of years.

I’m fiddling about with CMSes

I DECIDED TO SEE what different content management systems (CMSes) were like. What a fool I was.

Checking out the WordPress site, I got referred to several web host sites and plumped for one that gave me the madmikemagee.net URL.

You can experiment with all sorts of CMSes if you’ve a 100 years or so to waste – definitely quite a few of them are far from simple, while others are so simple they’re far from ideal.

Also, transplanting stuff from this freebie bog to a bog hosted on a site is not necessarily the easiest thing to do.

Perhaps it’s time that the web wizzes, rather than behave as if they’re members of Masonic Lodge 434, with secret knowledge to boot, just created a back engine to demand.

The web wizzes have everything to gain, and nothing to lose from such a strategy. They are the modern equivalent of printers, who in the ole days claimed no-one understood their craft.

Basically, that’s because no one wants to take the time to understand their craft. Bricklaying and plumbing is easier, all in all. Raw HTML is even easier. ♥