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Unison calls to say vote for Red Ken

THE JELLYBONE rings. It is automated phone spam from a trade union called Unison, which tells me that as the  union general secretary she is calling to say that I should vote for Ken Livingstone as mayor on the 1st of May.

Shome mishtake. I am not a member of Unison. I am a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), which advised me to settle with Sun Microsystems when, at the INQ, I was locked in threatened legal action by legal suits. It was actually mates at the Sun that delivered the advice I needed, certainly not the  bleeding NUJ.

In fact, I am effectively disenfranchised, because I have until tomorrow to register for a proxy vote which means legging it down to the local town hall in ‘Arrow. Apparently you can’t register for a poxy vote online.  

I can’t vote on the 1st of May because I am frying out to Bengaluru, in India. ♣