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On Friday I wear my Scottish Quilt

FRIDAY IS ETHNIC DAY in the office where I work in Ole Bengaluru, and so I decided to see if Umli Miuli, the editorial assistant, on the www.itexaminer.com could sort out a kilt, a sporran and bagpipes for me.

I was joking, because there isn’t an ethnic day on Friday, but she reacted in her usual enthusiastic and efficient manner. She called one company which was delighted to make a tartan quilt for me, and were ready to send someone round to measure me up. She called another company which advised her that no, unfortunately, they didn’t. But they could recommend a shop in London that could. Not Edinburgh.

Now this is more like it, she got this email from one firm:

Hi Umli,
We can deliver to India from here.Please say which tartan or if you wish us to choose
If you like we can phone you now to discuss. Please email your phone number
This, we believe, is a Scottish supplier.  You, my dear one reader, probably want to know what my tartan is. My mum was a Robertson.  This is the clan tartan.  And yes, I have worn a kilt. And no I don’t have a set of bagpipes. And yes, I had a sporran.  And no, I don’t have any pictures.