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Blighty is a bit dull after Banga-banga-bangalore

I FLEW BACK from the really very wonderful international airport at Bengaluru this morning, just as the rays of dawn were illuminating Karnataka. The weather in Bangalore is great right now – the temperature is about 25° Celsius, the rains have almost stopped, and the dragonflies and butterflies are having a field day, following Diwali. The trees are flowering, the black bees (madhukara) are flying. The many mosquitoes are not as attractive for some odd reason.

The ever present Meru Cars  was my vahan of choice, swiftly speeding me towards BIAL and hence with a short hop, skip and a jump to London Heathrow.

There isn’t and hasn’t been much news about the UK in India over the last month – unless it’s to do with the weird ball game called cricket, an ever present obsession in India.

The immigration officers and security guards at BIAL are unfailingly courteous and friendly. I have said for the last few years to anyone who cares to be bored, that Indian security at airports is second to none, worldwide. Because of previous outrages, the airports check, re-check and check everything again, without ever being over officious. The security guard’s wand detected the titanium plate in my right leg – there since 1981 –  which led to a very interesting conversation about two wheelers in Bengaluru and elsewhere. The man said: “So you don’t drive motorbikes any more? You just fly planes?” I am no pilot.

Strangely, I am missing the mosquitoes. Bengaluru and most of Karnataka is not a malarial zone, and the streets are swept every morning. It’s a wonderful place. I heartily recommend it for people of a certain age, that is to say younger than I am.  And I missed Guy Fawkes night in Ole London town! And the 4th of November night in Yorkshire is called Mischievous Night. Missed that too. Sheer Bliss.