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An account of the British Invasion of Tibet | Colonel Younghusband | 1904

PICKED UP this account published by the Stationery Office 1999:

Kalachakra Yantra“…we showed the Abbott the celestial and terrestrial globes. He was especially interested in the former, wherein he recognised all the twelve signs of the Zodiac, calling them by the same names that we use; and he gave us an interesting little lecture on the science of astronomy as known in Tibet. Tibetan astronomy comes from the Hindus, and consists mainly of a mass of absurd superstitions and legends grafted upon very accurate observations of the actual movements of the heavenly bodies.” (An account of the British Invasion of Tibet | Colonel Younghusband | 1904)

Hmm. Kaalacakra and the Tibetan Calendar by Edward Henning, New York, 2007 is worth a read (ISBN 978-0-9753734-9-1) . Appendix II has a chronology of the Shambhala kings.

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I WAS IN LONDON yesterday for the launch of Beelzebub and the Beast, by David Hall and published by Starfire Publishing.  It describes the congruences between George Gurdjieff and Alastair Crowley.  David died in 2007 and this book was written in the 1970s.  Starfire has done a fine job with the edition – it is very handsome indeed, and a great tribute to my dead friend.  ♥